The Mystery continues…

Seems as if this is a beginning to a journey, not a series of events.

I watched a few times yesterday for the big red-tailed hawk or the bald eagle…nothing. I knew they might or might not be back, but I have to admit, I wanted to see them. As I walked my meditation paths outside, I was thinking about that – and occasionally glancing into the trees to see if they were there! It came to me that I would not “look” for them. I would feel them when they were out there. That’s the way it had happened the other times, but that hadn’t really landed with me.

What a difference that was.  Be still, know they are there. Allow them to speak to you.  I surrendered.

And so last night, I dreamt of  two bald eagles sitting in a tree. When I noticed them, they both took flight. They were incredible. A strange bird also took flight right behind them that became a flying camel, but oh well, it is after all a dream and that symbolism is yet to be cracked!

Today I had my first Breath for Life call; a community call to talk about the Power of Breath, to breathe together to find the Organic breath and to give tips for how to do that. It was wonderful. I had not seen either of the birds all day, but during the last breathing exercise of the call, I saw the huge red-tail on his limb in the oak. Just sitting. I thanked him. It is an honor to have them here and an honor to share that breath with him and everyone on the call!

We talked about surrendering to the flow of Life. We talked about Breathing the luscious breath of Life flowing through the Universe to us. We talked about expanding the possibilities of Life as we expand our relationship to our breath. We talked about connecting to the All through the experience of the Breath.

He heard. He came. He was a radiant exclamation on the end of a wonderful call! Afterwards, I went out on the deck to be with him. Now there were two. Yes, a pair. As I watched, the new one looked around at me for a moment or two and then took off; beautiful spirals of flight that took it out over the river.

I surrender. And I look forward to the next part of this journey.


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