Hawks, messages and the world of Mystery

My dance with the red-tailed hawks continues. A very large pair have been frequent visitors since my last post. They seem to show up out of no where and disappear off riding the thermals in the blink of an eye. I have been thrilled with their visits. In all the red-tails I have seen over the years here, these 2 are truly grand. Their size takes your breath; when they lift off the branches, you would think pterodactyls are roaming the air once again!

Trying to capture good photos of them has not been fruitful – until yesterday. They know if I am staring at them; truly, they do. Even through binoculars, they get restless, turn and stare at me and then usually take off for the river. So until yesterday, I was not able to get a photo.

But wow, did I get a sweet one. I have cropped this as tightly as possible so you can see some detail. They stayed with me most of the day yesterday. I was outside in that glorious day, reconnecting with the earth rhythms and what a joy to share that with them.

As the day rolled on, gentle messages of inspiration and direction drifted down through the currents and branches and landed in my heart. I am headed back out there for another day of just Be-ing with Nature and all her majesty; of stilling my mind into the vastness of the All; of quietly listening to the deep resonances of Life.

I invite you to join me in your own beautiful natural world of Life, Rhythm and the Dance of the World of Mystery.


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