Vibrant Life, Vibrant You!

Wow, if you are confused about food, nutrition and a healthy life, you are not alone. There is more information available than ever before and much of it is contrary. I have a proposal.

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Let’s simplify and go back to basics. Let’s start again by taking responsibility for our own decisions, our own choices and our own health. And let’s do it all without judgment of ourselves or others, without a rigid task-master attitude. Let’s do it with an open heart, a willingness to try and a deep desire to feel better, more relaxed and yet energized, and with a simple plan.

Sound impossible? Just the opposite.  Try this:

Take a look at Nutrition, Breath, Rest, Hydration, Movement and Nature.

I have found that balancing these 6 areas create a synthesis of a strong and vibrant life – a whole picture of life.


Nutrition speaks of eating living food. Your body doesn’t really utilize the actual food you eat; it utilizes the energy within the food. So choose food that contains energy -complex energy that sustains health, rather than quick energy. Does it grow in Nature? Well then, it contains the balance of energy, Light and Nature that you need.

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Breath speaks of how you are breathing each day. Are you a stressed out, shallow breather? You will not get the oxygen your body needs to perform the very best for you, breathing that way.  Do you know how to shift the flow of your breath to open it up, allow more of breath out, so you can take more of breath in? That is easy to learn and we will talk about that here.

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Rest is rest! Yet we aren’t good at it are we? Rest is not just sleep at night. It is also the mini-pauses during the day that your body, mind and emotions need to stay healthy. You know the sayings of “Stop and smell the roses.”? That is the kind of pause I mean. And you are not too busy. Some of the busiest people in the world are also balanced, harmonious and healthy. They know the value of the “pause” and use it to their advantage.


Hydration is becoming of epic concern. We are chronically dehydrated. Drink water. Drink the most pure water you can get. If it is pure spring water – really spring water- awesome. Whatever you have available to you, drink the best you can find. You are looking for a living water. Spring water is living water. Your body responds the very best to living water; it recognizes it as itself. We are over 70% water ourselves, so our cells know water. As you do, back off the caffeine, energy drinks, sports drinks and so on. Water…living and pure.


Movement should be self explanatory but deserves some discussion.  Take a walk. See things. Breathe. Yes, I know many of you are working at desks, in cubicles, large corporations or small back offices and can’t come and go much. You can move. Stand up every 15 or 20 minutes for at least 3 minutes. You will be surprised what that does for your circulation and how you will feel at the end of the day. Stand up while you talk on the phone. Shift weight back and forth, massage those muscles, take the load off your derriere!

nature teaching us

Nature is so vital. While I know many people enjoy recreation in Nature, that is not the focus here. I am referring to just being in Nature. Go there. Pause. Breathe, Be. Let Nature soothe, renew and refresh you. Lie on the ground. The Earth’s negative charge will refresh your whole body, naturally. We have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth by sharing the same biosphere. We are constantly attended to when we go to Nature. Put bare feet on the ground, when you can. Sit or lie on the ground. Allow your mind to pause and coast. Invite yourself to just be, breathe, relax and renew. 15 minutes and you will feel like a new person.

So what’s the secret? The secret is that there is no secret. This is so simple, so organic to our real inner nature. The only question is, “Will you do it?”, “Will you give it a try without judgment or blame/shame?” There is no measuring with this Vibrant Life, Vibrant You. You cannot fail.

There is only the Now. You and your Best, most Vibrant Life waiting to be reborn. I invite you to begin today.

Bright smiles and sparkling sunshine from the river’s edge,



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