They’re back!

Well it is January again and I have been watching for the bald eagles to come back to my part of the river.  I thought of them Tuesday morning having a little morning coffee and wondered if they had been diverted somehow. You will remember that last year, in January, the pair of bald eagles hung out here with me for quite a while. I was missing them – or was I feeling their return?

Within an hour of wondering about them, a huge bird caught my eye through the window, as it circled over the river. It had a massive wing span and I called Tommy’s attention to it. He shot out on the deck and called out, “It’s an eagle!” Ah, sweet words to hungry ears. He tucked and dove into the river before I got out there to see him, but my heart was full in knowing he had returned.

Cycles of life. Rhythms and patterns. All on my mind at this turn of the year. Welcome back my beautiful eagle friends. I am happy to be on your route!


One thought on “They’re back!

  1. How exciting!   You are welcoming kindred spirits.  Enjoy the nearness and the innocent, pure power of those magnificent creatures. 

    On Day 8 of the “flu” and haven’t forgotten about you!  More soon.  Love…


    Lucinda Shirley 73 Mayrant Bluff Lane, #74 Georgetown, SC 29440-7501 843.545.9845

    author, Dancing on Mars

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