Come Home to the Garden

It’s time to come home. We’ve been busy, distracted, lost our way, found our way and forgot what we really came for. And yet, here we are – perfect right where we are.

The big question is: What are you waiting for? What’s keeping you from feeling aligned with who you really are at a very deep level? What’s stopping you from feeling great each day based on the choices you are making along the way? What’s in the way between you and experiencing wholeness?

You are of course. That’s how it works for each of us. We are the creators of our worlds, in deep harmonious partnership with the All. This All, this Intelligent, Non-Verbal loving energy is called many things by scholars, religious communities, scientists. Regardless of the name, it simply IS.  The living, breathing, biosphere we call home. and the cosmic universe that it is part of, is also part of the greater All.

How infinite is infinite? That’s a ponder for a long afternoon, lying on a grassy hill, watching clouds and butterflies. And yet, at some deep level you know the answer. Maybe your answer is also non-verbal; yet it is known to you in a feeling. At a deeply integrated level within our own biology, we are a part of it All and it is within each of us.

When the Big Bang “banged”, particles of consciousness, elements and light shattered far and wide. You are those particles, the ocean, the mountains, minnows and flowers are those particles. The “Ahhhh” that you get when you go outside and relax is your biological response to coming home. Your whole body begins to unwind and return to its best rhythm, being naturally adjusted by this field of Living Essence.

Earthstar Radiance woods2 Earthstar Radiance woods 4 Earthstar Radiance woods

Come home! Come home into the deep knowing of who you really are. You are the only one of you; if you can’t be you then who will? Come home into you so you will feel reengaged with life. More things make sense there. They fall into place with more ease. Life doesn’t feel so hard there. I didn’t say it is always easy; but it doesn’t feel so hard there.

Come home into the larger Garden that surrounds you. This Garden that appears outside of you, rather than inside you, is related to you at a cellular level. Did you know that more than 400 million years ago, plants emerged on the Earth and began to create oxygen to ready the atmosphere for you and for me? And each day, the plants of the Earth continue to clean our air and refresh it as they ingest our carbon dioxide. This symbiotic relationship is precious and something to be treasured and cared for.

Come home to the Garden of You within the Garden of the All. Begin today. Pause, breathe, relax. It starts there. Love yourself gently and with a soft heart. It continues there. One step at a time, takes you deeper and deeper into the Garden. Have fun and I’ll see you along the river’s edge!

leaf patterns2   sunshine   leaf patterns1





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