An Ocean of flow, the Sun, the Moon

We just returned from a wonderful couple of days on the coast. While the mountains and rivers are my usual “run off and renew” place, I do love the ocean, the salt, the sand.

I am so captured by the flows of life there that are so strong, tangible, visceral. The living waters of the ocean move constantly, giving life, sustaining life, renewing life through her waters and her salt. The moon rises and arcs across the sky on its daily travels, all the while pulling on the great oceans, bending and flattening their tides. And the immense sun, the Light that calls it all to open into new life, magically comes out of the ocean’s depths and after warming us all through the day, disappears into the watery depths once more – only to return again the next day.

Constant movement, flow, rhythm and yet is ever-changing and spontaneously creating itself in concert with Sun and Moon, Wind and Rain.

Sunrise out of the ocean

As the sun emerged, having said its goodbyes to the Southern Hemisphere, to magically appear in our sky that morning, painting the very molecules of air in elegant tones of reds, oranges and golds, I was spellbound. There was the ocean, awash in color, flowing in little receding rivulets all along the shore. I could watch her rise and fall, crest and flatten for hours.  She never fails to call me, her shifting flows singing ancient, mystical chants in the heart of my DNA.  All that is brittle and dry within me, softens, is soothed and renewed by her movements, breaths, heart rhythms. We become One and I am different. My pores  open and drink the richness of the salty air, the deep colors she expresses in her depths and her edges and that intoxicating rhythm that never stops.El Jadida Morocco

One afternoon, sitting in the powdery sand, looking out across her vastness to the break of the horizon, we imagined where we sat one day in El Jadida,  Morocco, wondering where our home coast was along that expansive line of sea and sky. Connected in a flash to Africa, the intense colors and sounds of her, the deliciousness of her in so many ways, we sat in silence, savoring it all. And it was the rolling sea that rocked us gently between the two, until we called ourselves back to the present, back to Carolina sand, sun and sky.

We are truly One and there is no time and space;  yet to experience as we experience, we play in a world that is constructed within that paradigm. As we come back deeper and deeper into the Oneness – the merging of the outer and inner – we find more and more Union in every expression of that which appears separate.

On ever-moving oceans within us and those that nestle our global land masses, we breathe in sameness and diversity in sync with the ebb and flow of the tides of Life.  I returned home, in love, yet again, with it All.


2 thoughts on “An Ocean of flow, the Sun, the Moon

  1. Penny, you always seem to capture so well the sense of our mother earth and her connection within all of us! Thank you so much for sharing your beautifully written and expressed views of how you see our connection to the ALL. Blessings, Nan

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