In the Presence of Creation

I love the deep flow of life where I live – old trees, wild herbs and edibles, flowing river, rolling hills and large boulders all create an amazing ecosystem. That environment attracts, supports and interacts with foxes, racoons, possums, deer, turtles, snakes, dozens of kinds of birds including hawks, owls and eagles and even otters. I do love it here.

Sometimes the interplay with that living field of life and all who move within it meets in a way that adjustments need to be made one place or the other.  That opportunity became very visible recently.

The songbirds have enjoyed building nests in the wheel well of the tire on the back of my Wrangler over the years. Mind you, I said nests. Not raising families in them – just building nests.

I know they were building again, but thought no more of it, until I came home from being out of town for the weekend. As soon as I parked the jeep, a Carolina Wren jumped onto my windshield and just looked at me. Hmmmm. That’s never happened before. I unloaded the car and by that time, forgot about her.

A few days later, we looked into the wheel well and there were 2 little eggs in her well built nest. How do I know it was well built? I took that jeep 3+ hours on the interstate coming and going and all over the place while we were there. Yikes, I had no idea. So later that day we saw her sitting on the eggs. She is still sitting on them as you can see from the picture.

That she forgave my interuption to her mothering duties and schedule, will stick with me for a very long time. I have apologized to her and of course, parked the Jeep for the remainder of the time she needs it. I am happy to be a part of her successful brood. And I am touched that she was so forgiving.

I wonder if we can all receive some wave of generosity and compassion with others from her gift to me? I know I have.

Happy Nature trails and wilderness ramblings! Stay awake and aware; you never know who is nesting where ❤


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