The Nature of Nature in You!

A friend recently shared this blog post from Rebelle Society on Facebook:

It is incredibly expressed and beautifully evocative of the nature of Nature within us. It stirs many feelings inside me, not the least being a resonance with the fact of being a daughter of Fire and having daughters and granddaughters of Fire. It also calls deeply within me of the complete integration into Nature that we really are. Completely integrated into the greater field of All, there truly is no separation between humanity and the earth herself.


Scientists finally got their huge breakthrough in this 2 years ago when the Higgs Bosen particle was proven.  Generally, and just my summation of what this means, is that science found the evidential proof through years of working on this, that there is indeed a common field that exists among, between and through the Universe. It is a binding field of energy.

This common field of energy can be called lots of names or no name. Doesn’t matter. It is there. We all share this biosphere – you, me, the clouds, the waves on the sea, the penguins in the Antarctic….and so on. All. We are all living together with this planet – not on it, with it. How can it best thrive? When we all live harmoniously with Nature, supporting the best health of each of us, our local environments, communities, families then we are strong. Together, for the best health of all.

Daughters of Fire is evocative into the depths of how Nature is within us as well as around us. It also leads me to the reflection of the Waters within, the Air within, the Earth within, the Infinite Space within. We are daughters of those elements as well, and sons, fathers, brothers too. I feel the truth of it in nongendered humanity. Our collective sameness. Our unique and integrated Oneness.

I invite you to explore the Fire within you, the Water, the Air, the Earth, the Infinite Space. Share with us here is you like. I welcome your experiences, fellow explorer!

For all of us who have been “daughters made of Fire” and who perhaps have daughters, nieces, grands made of Fire. For those of you who are sons, fathers, brothers and nephews made of Fire. Love comes in all flavors, colors, elements and directions. Love the spark, the burn, the soft glow..Love the strength, the abrupt crack, the whirling swirl and the gentle waves, the gusty winds and the soft, tickling breezes; the depth of convictions and the fluidity of change. Love them All!. Simply Love.

sunrise 1


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