This is the earth, her radiant places, and the stars, the extraordinary, ordinary people who light her way into the new paradigm!

I welcome you as we dive together into the organic nature of be-ing, one moment, one breath at a time. Birthed on Spring’s gentle whisper, we move with the rhythms and flows of Nature’s genius, lit by her radiant sky beings, bathed in the soothing rains and comforted by the shade of mighty standing ones. Nourished, nurtured and sustained by the fertility of the earth, her heart beat steadily beating within each of us, keeping due time with our own, we feel the presence of the global community within us. And within it all, the creation spark of All thrives, lives, breathes, Loves.

It’s time to come home to the Garden – Nature, the living biosphere that sustains all life here and the Garden Within.

DSC02610 DSC02614


I invite you to come back into Nature’s depths  with me. Let’s return together to the days of pure, living water,  vibrantly fresh foods and strong, healthy bodies, minds/emotions and spirits. Together, let’s journey down back roads and creekbeds, watching for life unfolding and joy renewing – cell by cell, breath by breath.


Together, let’s find the rainbows, the starlight, the new buds and heavy laden branches filled with summer’s offerings. Let’s pause along the way to breathe, be, renew. To fall completely into the Embrace of Nature’s Infinite Field of Loving Life Essence will renew us, inspire us, balance and re-energize us. 

Are you ready? Me too. See you in the field, along the stream and by the shore. 

All photos, unless noted otherwise, are taken by penny – a very amatuer nature photographer with just a deep and sincere love of the Earth, Sky, and Stars. You may share, I simply ask that you get permission and give credit back to this blog. Thank you!



One thought on “About

  1. Hey Penny. Just started a 5 week program on campus today – Mindfulness Based Stress Management. We will meet twice a week and I am really looking forward to it. I am sure you are busy preparing for this week end’s walk. Best wishes to you all.

    I have a job interview in the morning. Something that I became aware of about 10 days after I sat down and outlined my dream job – and there it was! Please hold me and the job in the light tomorrow morning. Interview is at 10!

    Thanks for you and all you do!


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