Meet penny

All my life, I have felt a very special connection with Nature, but I haven’t always understood it. Not only was it vast spaces and molecules, leaves and rolling seas, it felt personal. Not only did I know it, more importantly, it knew me.

I believe this organic relationship with those vast spaces, near and far, and the microcosmic relflections of them within each of us, are just the way it IS.

Call it Order of the Universe., God, or the Genetics of Life. Call it Natural Order, Law of Attraction and Manifestation…Doesn’t really matter to me the name. I have known it all my life and maybe you have too!

I look foward to sharing a peek at the Universe with you, through my eyes and through my heart as we celebrate together the great Dance of Life itself.



One thought on “Meet penny

  1. I’m super stoked to have gotten your email with ALL this amazing Penny Calcina love that you extend to us!!! I’m just smiling:) I had no clue you engaged in this way -Ijust love knowing you!

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