Meet Earthstar Radiance

Earthstar Radiance is the collective of my creative play in the world. Some call this work; for me, it is luscious delight and great joy.  

I have been a Reiki Master since 1996 and around that time, the beginnings of Earthstar Radiance  began to make itself known to me. The deep organic presence of the Earth and Sky felt so right -unlimited, constantly evolving. To this day, it still does.

In all I do, Nature is present, palpable, enlivened. We are never separate from Nature; we cannot be. At our core at the most quantum level, we are made of the stuff of the stars themselves! We can forget that we are part of this infinite living essence, but we cannot separate from it. Thank goodness for that! Nature is always there, waiting for us to remember and reengage in our awareness when we drift. And we can always come back into harmony with her on the very next breath.

Falling in love with this work and the service it allows me, has birthed a series of transformational immersion weekends known as Walking the Inner Labyrinth . These weekends are powerful journeys with the Inner Nature of Self in cooperative change with the Outer Nature.

I look forward to sharing Earthstar Radiance with you!

Earthstar Radiance logo


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